Here are some great questions to ask wedding photographers. I've made it easy by providing my answers below! Enjoy and happy planning!  

What does the basic package actually cover?
Ask me to send you samples from FULL weddings. I usually start with a 5-6 hour package because that almost ALWAYS ( atleast 90% of weddings) covers all of the big events, etc. Basically, if your ceremony and reception are in the same place with about 150 guests, 6 hours will cover everything from getting ready candids, before formals, guest groupings, ceremony, formals together with family and wedding party, and all the big events plus a ton of dancing and guest groupings at your reception.  Smaller weddings with about 50-90 guests, 5 hours usually covers everything. You can always add on more time on the night of the wedding, so no worries. Want to see a sample timeline for your wedding day? Let me know and I can design a sample timeline that would be great just for you. Even smaller weddings can sometimes need 3-4 hours of coverage, especially if you aren't interested in getting ready photos or lots of dancing pics of your guests. 

Some photographers might give you more hours for a similar price, but I want you to receive QUALITY OVER QUANTITY, without turning your wedding day into a big production.

I heard that I "need" two photographers. Is that really true?
I had a 2nd photogapher work with me for 16+ years then realized it wasn't really needed. I get all the big stuff myself, the formals, the details, all the angles during the ceremony (it's easy), and all the huge events and reception candids on my own. I personally feel that two photographers makes it more of a big production and takes away from the moments and intimacy.

What would you say is your stylistic approach to weddings? Worried about awkward posing or not feeling comfortable in front of the camera? No worries with me! Notice how everyone in my online albums look super natural and at ease? Trust me, MOST of those couples said they don’t look good in photos, etc. It is 100% my job to guide you and make you feel comfortable. Real moments, real emotions, and having a good time while doing it!
Modern, fun, natural, easy! My style reflects the style and personalities of YOU. I come across as super casual and easy going, but I am very serious about what I do.  I like to have a nice relaxed attitude on your wedding day so that everyone stays relaxed, and I make it very easy by guiding everyone and staying organized. The more organized and relaxed we are, the better outcome we will have while photographing you and your wedding party!  I get quite a few family combos as I can (I get your family list one month before the wedding), and I am very quick with your family formals so they can get back to the party and enjoy themselves. With you two and your wedding party, I direct everyone but also keep it simple and fast. Just relax and let me guide you. In the end, you will have a mix of nice formals, fun ideas, emotional candids, and detail photos. I take unlimited photos on the day of your wedding and capture everything I possibly can and edit as we go along. With 20+ years of experience, I have a keen eye for details and knowing when something is going to happen. It is like second nature for me to capture those great candids!
Are all images edited, and how long after the wedding does it take for delivery? If so, are they edited as a batch or individually? Every single photo is edited individually. There is no batch editing (which can be common), as I want to make sure every single photo you receive is finished and beautiful like ALL of my sample photos. You receive everything online and ready for digital download within about two weeks from your wedding.
Is there a place I can read some of your client experiences, rave reviews etc.? Definitely look up "Photo by Chana" on The Knot, Yelp, and Wedding Wire!

When it comes to wedding formals and family formals, what strategies do you employ to produce optimal results? Being that I have covered 1000+ weddings, I stay SUPER organized with every aspect of the wedding, starting with nice and clear email communication leading up to your wedding day, then later by guiding you two and the family/wedding party during formals and throughout the entire wedding day. It is very easy for me to grab the people I need and get the formals done quickly so you can enjoy more of your day!  

When was your business established? I photographed my first wedding in 1996 and have photographed about 1000 weddings in San Diego and other locations like all over Hawaii and Cabo! 

Do you work exclusively with digital or film, or both? If digital do you shoot jpeg or raw? Digital Raw. You do not have much control over the overall quality when you shoot in jpg. Everything is immediately backed up in THREE different locations. You will receive all high resolution retouched color jpgs. I also use the best camera out there that has TWO memory card slots, which means your images are being backed up as I shoot!

On average, how many final images do you present to couples per wedding? It varies greatly depending on how much action is at your reception, etc.  I am all about QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. I do not guarantee any minimum, but I do make sure sure to cover everything the best I can (and I know what to look for and can anticipate all the big moments).

What steps do you take in case of equipment failure or personal emergency? I have backup cameras, lenses and flashes. In the 1000+ weddings, I have never had any problems since I backup everything. I also use both memory cards in my cameras at the same time so that everything is instantly backed up while I am shooting.

Do you hold liability/business insurance? Absolutely. I have the normal $2million insurance and can give any venue a certificate of insurance. 

If the event runs longer than expected, will you be able to stay? Is
there an additional fee?
Yes! No need to always worry about exactly how many hours you will need. I can come up with a rough draft timeline for you, to give you an idea with the basic package. After that, an extra hour can only be added on the night of the wedding so that we can play it by ear.  /

Photo by DJ Bill Calhoun. Thanks Bill!

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